Your Tapas restaurant in Mogán's beach

So where is TAPAS TAPAS?

Welcome to
"la Venecia de Canarias"

Called “The Canaries Venice”, this picturesque fishing port sits at the end of the Mogán valley, at the foot of a rock formation overlooking the sea. Its old town is full of the typical Mediterranean houses bathed in lime that huddle along the steep streets, adorned with shields and geraniums. Its beautiful marina, full of yachts, and the canal that runs through the center, dotted with little bridges that cross it, make it a quiet corner of great beauty. Then head to the pier to enjoy the restaurants and bars.

Sailor tradition

Puerto de Mogán, with a sandy beach, is a seaside neighborhood that, due to its unique location and natural beauty, has given rise to one of the most beautiful urbanizations in the Canary Islands. Its marina, a meeting point for many international nautical enthusiasts, has 225 berths, with its excellent maritime atmosphere, making Puerto de Mogán an unforgettable place.

Paradise weather

With an average of 330 days of sunshine a year, and an average temperature of 22 degrees, Puerto Mogán is a winning bet in terms of sun and beach.

Indigenous culture

Not only beach! At the end of the promenade we can access the town and the aboriginal cemetery of Cañada de los Gatos, a site that is more than 1500 years old. A little further on we have the Crucecitas Cemetery, a Site of Cultural Interest.

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  • 101.Colazione all’inglese
    Bacon, uovo, salciccia, fagioli e toast
  • 102.Toast con fagioli
  • 103.Toast
    con marmellata e burro
  • 104.Croissant
    con marmellata e burro

Our story

To talk about TAPAS TAPAS is to talk about the living history of Playa de Mogán, since its inauguration on July 27, 2001, which makes it in its own right one of the typical restaurants in the area, which has known how to adapt throughout of his 19 years of life.

In its origins, the place offered a gastronomic offer focused on a wide variety of tapas, but over time its natural evolution has led it to bet on a varied international menu, but without forgetting its roots in Gran Canaria.

The place itself represents through the paintings of the well-known Canarian muralist and sculptor, Paco Betancor, the very essence of Mogán, allowing us to enjoy a ceiling that simulates being a glass partition through which people are walking over the herself, highlighting the figure of a woman who returns home after buying fresh fish at the port.

The town of Mogán is also represented on the walls of the premises, accompanied by old photographs that take us back in time and invite us to remember past times.

Behind the bar a fishing boat sails while enjoying the incomparable beauty of the sunset, glimpsing the neighboring island of Tenerife in the distance; while a shark lurks next to the stairs putting the counterpoint of the exciting and the dangerous of the sea.

On the seabed could not miss the majesty of the whale and the presence of both the Piedra Picuda and the Puntilla on both sides, as two irrevocable references of Mogán, as is also the own TAPAS TAPAS

Enjoy the best tapaswith the best weather and seaside views

With the arrival of summer in the TAPAS TAPAS we take the opportunity to enjoy the night, in the company of a good fresh guarapo or a mojito in the purest Cuban style, transforming the restaurant into an idyllic place with the sunset, to enjoy in our terrace of an ideal temperature, in the best company.

The natural mango smoothie promises to be another of the star products this summer at TAPAS TAPAS, available throughout the day at its new opening hours from 12:00 noon to 12:00 at night, from Monday to Sunday.

Living the night of Mogán at TAPAS TAPAS will be an unforgettable experience for all clients who wish to join us, extending their after-dinner on our terrace, after dinner.


Open every day from 09:00 till 22:00

Bar till 23:00!